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The drinking water problem is the global problem of the modern world. According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 80% of population illnesses are a consequence of drinking poor potable water. Owing to it 500 million people are ailing every year, 25 million die, including 5 million children. The human longevity is rapidly decreasing (in the last three decades it decreased by 7 years). According to the WHO data Ukraine holds the 95th place of 122 states as far as the water quality is concerned.

The water that passes through pumps, filters and electromagnetic fields under high pressure in the pipelines, is changed. The structure of such water differs greatly from the natural one, and molecular buildings contain factually the pathogenic information.

The scientists think that a human being needs not only the high quality drinking water but also the water with the same characteristics as the intracellular water of our organism.


The water that passed through Martsinyshyns Tube (Martsinyshyns water) can cleanse the body at a fine level, take away a lot of diseases, fill a human being with Eternal Light, vital energy, mental rest, renew and rejuvenate the capillaries, extend the DNA, renew youth, prolong life.

The Martsinyshyns Tube is a non-local three-dimensional wave oscillator, which builds a high positive energy field in itself and around it. The universality of the Martsinyshyns Tube allows to use it broadly at home and in an office, in a kindergarten and at school, at a hospital and beauty salon, in a restaurant and a café, in a hotel and fitness-club.

Water Operating Principle by Martsinyshyn

The drinking water passing through the Martsinyshyns Tube comes to the energy concentration field and obtains special healing properties. It acts very wisely: it gives the vital energy to the organism up, in consequence of which the Eh-potential of the intracellular liquid is changed and the organism immunity rises. The organism itself sends it where it is needed. For example, the stomach cannot cope with unhealthy food. The energy, brought by water, goes for these goals. When it is hard for lungs to work because of the polluted air or other reasons, they will become so much life giving energy with water, how much they need. This energy will have a stimulating or sedative action that means the very action, which is needed. A human being, his organs or systems of the organism can be in a normal, excited or depressive state. The excited and depressive states are not the normal states, so they are to get a sedative influence to bring them to norm.

The Results of Water Action by Martsinyshyn

The water by Martsinyshyn improves the flow blood properties (reduces blood viscosity and red blood cell aggregation). Positive changes of the characteristics of the immune system are admitted (white cells growth and increasing of their activity), improvement of the lipid exchange characteristics (reducing the number and density of cholesterol crystals).

The water by Martsinyshyn stops the cancer-causing cells activity, fights successfully the herpes and flue viruses, normalizes the appetite and metabolism, increases the general energy of an organism and restores the organs and systems functional properties, restores the potential of the thin body, psycho-physiological state (fights depression and stress consequences), normalizes the sodium-potassium exchange, adjusts the time rhythms of the living systems (for example, women menstrual cycle), improves the memory and time feeling, normalizes the dream, affects positively the blood quality, decreases its viscosity, normalizes the blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol content in the blood.

Preparing and Consuming

The quality balanced drinking (spring, well, bottled, artesian) water is run through the Martsinyshyn Tube, and you get the life giving water by Martsinyshyn with the special properties, which is recommended to drink in the raw state with the proportion 1 litre per 30 kilos of weight, to use for cleanse procedures, during hunger therapy, taking medicine, use for cosmetic purposes. It is also reasonable to make meals and milk mixtures for babies, tin vegetables and fruits.

During the Constant Water Consumption by Martsinyshyn:

  • metabolic and energetic processes in an organism are activated;
  • fatigability and irritability are reduced, the sleep is normalized;
  • the gastrointestinal function is improved, the weight is normalized;
  • the pancreatic diabetes patients feel better, the reduction of hyperglycaemia is observed;
  • chronic colitis, gastritis, ulcerations are healed at any acidity;
  • slowly the kidney-stones are dissolved, oedemas disappear;
  • pain syndromes by polyartritis, osteochondrosis disappear, joints flexibility increases;
  • metabolic exchange is normalized;
  • the allergic responses disappear.

    The water that passed through the Martsinyshyn Tube doesnt have any contraindications and by-effects. Its characteristics are similar to the liquids ones, which are located inside of the living organisms, and are identical with the blood plasma. Having the juices, compotes, milk and other liquid drinks passed through the Tube we improve greatly their taste, they become healthful and prolong their expiry date as the pathogenic flora is absent.

    The Martsinyshyn Tube is able to improve greatly the taste and aroma of alcoholic drinks (vine, cognac, vodka etc.).

    The drinking water that passed through Martsinyshyns Tube reflects the Eternal Light (Wisdom). The Wisdom determines the chemical and physical water properties and raises it to such a quantum level that it gives the water the possibility to act as a donor, acceptor and corrector of the human being organism at the same time, and raises its spiritual state.

    A device was also developed by Y.D. Martsinyshyn, which cleanses the products from GMO and nitrates, and prevents the oncologic illnesses development.  

    Blood within norm Sugar

    crystal in the blood (pathology)

    Platelets aggregation in the blood (pathology)

    Blood after Martsinyshyns water consumption

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